KingCylinders, since many years, has been providing the highest quality of services. We have been working in the areas of hydraulic cylinders repairs / production, or construction, forest and agricultural equipment spare parts. We carry out of cylinders excavators, forest and construction gripping trucks, loaders, cranes, forklifts, storage lifters and so on.

Our prices are lowest on the market and our standard of service is the highest one. What is more – we do everything quickly! We work in all UK. Throughout our many years of activity within the market, we have acquired customers from UK as well as from Germany, Poland, Island, etc. KingCylinder is eager to start a cooperation with companies or persons who are construction and engineer machines for production lines and automated production in the UK.

We are the exclusive distributor in the UK of Polish manufacturer of high quality hydraulic presses, press tools for ropes, devices using the work hydraulics, machines for the purpose of automating production lines.