Production of hydraulic cylinders

Production of the hydraulic cylinders

Production of the hydraulic cylinders from UK | We are able to manufacture custom-tailored hydraulic cylinders. Custom tailoring of the seals and connection, fitting the bearings along with the greasing system and individually tailored parameters of the cylinder, the piston and the piston head and the range of movement – all that ensures our client is satisfied.

  • We manufacture one-way hydraulic cylinders
  • We producer of the two-way hydraulic cylinders
  • We manufacture telescopic hydraulic cylinders
  • We produce support hydraulic cylinders
  • We manufacture plunger hydraulic cylinders

The production capacity of what we allow us to create a cylinder having a cylinder diameter (outside) from 20 mm to 450 mm and a stroke length of up to about 4000 mm.

Our company is a producer of the hydraulic rams (high quality in very good prise Brighton, London, and all area of eastsussex)


We also manufacture cylinders with the piston position sensors.

Sample technical drawing one of cylinder:

Sample technical drawing one of cylinder

Manufacturer of he hydraulic cylinders

KINGcylinders | good choice, high quality super prise

hydraulic cylinders production
Producer of the hydraulic cylinders Brighton, London, Dover in UK